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Joakim Daal - Shelter
Joakim Daal - Shelter

Joakim Daal – Shelter | Contemporary blues and a beat

The song Shelter by Joakim Daal is a combination of classical and jazz music. The three minutes and twenty-three seconds long song features a host of instruments. And while some are played in the classical style, such as the piano, the essence of the song is rooted in Jazz. The signature trumpets have a well-deserved solo towards the end, and as the song ends they fade in the background.

Like most Jazz music, Shelter is a lot of fun. It is playful in its instrumental arrangement, yet the artist’s deep, low vocals give it an emotional and intimate feeling. Alongside its bluesy composition is an electronic beat and bass which rounds out the song giving it an easy pop vibe. The lyrics hint at a confused love song. The singer remembers the sensation of a lover’s touch, flashes back to the times they’ve shared. However, the grandeur of the song prevents the melancholia from ever overtaking the track.

Joakim Daal is originally from New York, but now lives in Helsinki, Finland. Other than working on his own music, he also runs an independent record label, All That Plazz alongside his buddies. With his debut offering so much promise, I look forward to what the Finnish New Yorker comes up with next.

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