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jacqueline loor show them
jacqueline loor show them

Jacqueline Loor – Show Them | Emotion

A beacon of empowerment and honest emotion that isn’t held back in any way, cinematic pop artist Jacqueline Loor presents her latest work, titled “Show Them”, a collection of powerful, gracefully written music. Written for and dedicated to her twin sister, the album takes a journey through a toxic relationship; with the protagonist ultimately finding their own light and strength to make the difficult decision to leave a dangerous situation.

“Coming Undone,” was the first single written for the project and began Loor’s mission to inspire her sister; and other people in unhealthy relationships – to find their inner strength. Lush soundscapes dominate and reign over your ears; as you take in the sheer gravity of the music, and the lyricism. There is a lot of layering to the sound, with subtleties dominating. As a producer, this album as a whole (and especially this track) was a treat to listen to.

Melancholy seems to be the theme for the first half of the album here; with Jacqueline’s mellow but soulful and expressive singing taking centre stage for a good chunk of the time. Her pitching manages to be accurate wide across her range; and there is a definite beauty in her vocal timbre that had me rewinding to passages again and again. The instrumentation across the album is great too, with a lot of orchestral influence in a lot of places; and all contribute to a very dramatic, very expressive sound that is meant in the best way possible.

The sound changes somewhat with the fifth single from the album, titled “Burn It Down”. An emotionally more aggressive piece, it still retains its expressiveness and energy but pairs it with a dramatic ensemble of instruments. A subtle synth bassline plays second fiddle to add to the tension and drama, and the way the song plays with the dynamic of energy is quite remarkable. Modern production techniques first start making appearances here, with the subtle crushing of her vocals happening; but all in all, it’s excellently well-controlled.

This theme continues with “Just Let Me Breathe”, the next song from the album. A sinful sound, it draws you in to push you away in a delicate dalliance of drama, flair and sin. It almost sounds forbidden, and that is part of what makes it a very addictive listen. Production is on point here, and everything adds to more than the mere sum of parts.

The album sound continues to evolve towards an uptempo vibe, and this is evident in the next example, “I’ll Take It”. It’s a full-on club number, catchy bassline and shuffled percussion and all.

Overall, this album made for an amazing listen. It has a story and falters not in one place when telling it. An amazing addition to your library, check it out here!

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