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Leather Apron Revival-Stagehand
Leather Apron Revival-Stagehand
Leather Apron Revival-Stagehand

Leather Apron Revival-Stagehand | Candor

From the depths of the blues rock hooks that rocked Chickenfoot, Black Stone Cherry & of course RATM, shine a new group-Leather Apron Revival. They have the goods, the rhythm and the drive set to over, so better buckle up. You’re going to listen to Stagehand, their latest single.

Bellowing with a Killing In the Name style riff from Lennan Delaney, the group gets off to a scalding hot start creating a mélange of blues and rock style tried riffs. That’s probably makes it so addictive, it doesn’t pretend to be anything else or wear the mask of different. Old school, just like your whiskey and petrolheads.

While Lennan’s vocals simmer over at the top, Grady Pasiechnyk and Jeff Rees keep the groove going in the game. The harmonics seemed a little strained though, however it is characteristic of blues style music. Stagehand creates a dais for Leather Apron Revival, who have released their first single after 2 years-post their self-titled album.

The music isn’t detained at different rhythm stations to stretch into some predefined modules of sound. The growth is organic, and the sound is unpolished. That is how rock is served, to your face and unapologetic. The music is becoming melodic again, and I for one am all for it.

Listen to Leather Apron Revival with their latest single Stagehand here:

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