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Counter the Eulogy-Picturesque
Counter the Eulogy-Picturesque
Counter the Eulogy-Picturesque

Counter the Eulogy-Picturesque | Flow

 I challenge you to name Austrian artists, let alone rock bands. They’ve been shaking and stirring up the musical landscape for centuries now, all your favorite classic composers were possibly Austrian. Now wind the clock and dial to the present, and shine the spotlight on this group. Counter the Eulogy revive melodies, and let’s not classify their music so soon. The song we’ll be looking at is called Picturesque.

It’s the word that defined the world during the pandemic, so the epiphany was realized by all. However, “all” didn’t make a smashing track that attributes its styles to John Frusciante to The Pineapple Thief. The song is a sonnet that has been composed well, no polishing and additional editing, just good old rock. If you’re a purist and want to classify it, alt-rock and post grunge would be a shoddy line of separation.

That’s because it goes hard rock after the chorus, and closes with a spectacular musical session. Counter the Eulogy plays and toys around time and space in their track, with certain notes sustaining the feeling. Classical composes retrofitted in the new millennium. That’s how I would define this electric group.

Make sure you listen to their other singles Running Away and Borders. They might have been around since 2014, but we’ve made our way to the epicenter now.

Listen to their superb new single Picturesque:

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