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Bree Whitworth - Time
Bree Whitworth - Time

Bree Whitworth – Time | Nostalgic love-pop

Time is the latest song from indie musician Bree Whitworth. It is a pop love song with an 80s inspired synth melody, and the artist’s powerful vocals which are a combination of Mariah Carey and P!nk. It is a song about the things that change as time passes, and time takes no one’s sides.

Bree Whitworth is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadian artist was once a young pianist, and as the lockdown conditions put us her indoors, she turned to the trusty keys. And the result was melodies composed over Zoom calls with her friend and producer. One such song was Time, exploring the journey of love, the heartbreak, and the healing.

The artist’s bold vocals open the song. The chorus is where the nostalgia hits its peak with peppy, upbeat dance synth music. Further, the artist also showcases her storytelling abilities alongside her voice. Hence, Time is an ode to its namesake: time that passes and heals the broken heart. She can’t force her feelings to go away, she goes through the fits of rage in her loss. Time remains the constant here, it chooses what happens and what passes. When you can’t make it right, time fixes it at its own pace.

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