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BEKIMACHINE – Crescent | Vapourwave

BEKIMACHINE is a London-based electronic music producer, singer and songwriter who makes genre-bending synth pop with a dash of shadow and a twist of dark. Along with AUW, she has now released a remix single of her track Crescent, and it is a dark, electro-pop hit.

Great at integrating synth wave with modern pop, while also bringing something entirely unique to the table, BEKIMACHINE really tunes you into a dreamy-space mood to get lost in. With a lot of pulsating rises and falls, the song is characterized by overlapping harmonies and invite into the dark. The mechanics of this flute wielding, cybernetic machine are her powerful, belting vocals, ethereal synths and experimental flute – teleporting you into the depths of a cyber-spun universe where augmentations and cyberware are reality. The song is really explorative of these dark, cyber elements, and the AUW remix puts a new spin on the track.

BEKIMACHINE is diverging her music and experimenting with vocal synthwave and synth pop music. The song gives me vaporware vibes. It really explores the expanding of your consciousness without feeling afraid of the darkside that exists. The music is really reflective of this feeling and the subculture it belongs to. BEKIMACHINE has made her debut and has a long explorative way to go. We hope to see her help people explore and embrace their darkside.

If you’re looking for new music and genres to explore, BEKIMACHINE is someone you should follow.

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