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Mother Culture-Scaramouche
Mother Culture-Scaramouche
Mother Culture-Scaramouche

Mother Culture-Scaramouche | Ambient

Using the mellow vibes and flowing chords of indie, Mother Culture makes a splash with Scaramouche. Their sound transcends the regular fixtures of the pop indie that saturates the sonic market currently, but borrows the aura of everlasting music. Here’s Mother Culture talking about how the track was composed:

Making the track

Originally Scaramouche was written a few years ago by Darcy and then collaborator Dhanesh with the initial inspiration coming from watching our pet cat ‘Scaramouche’ getting his claws stuck in our fly screen door while we came up with the guitar and lead vocals.

Originally it was just a stripped back acoustic track but after we demoed it up we felt like it was missing something but we didn’t want to lose the intimacy by throwing the weight of a full band behind it. So instead we tried using our voices to fill it out instead and it created a really beautiful atmosphere without sacrificing any of the emotional impact. 

Like the great compositions of Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers, Mother Culture know how to swerve and deserve a chorus. Their angelic choir sound accentuates the profound lyrics that they portray with the symphony they chalked out. It hits close to home if its an experience you’ve had, hits harder if you haven’t because the music makes you experience it. A lot has changed since their last EP, To Be Frank, and this is them talking about the change:

The sources and inspirations

Mainly we’ve gotten better. We used the lockdown time to really get to work on refining our skills as musicians and producers, it was really the perfect excuse to spend all day practicing and studying our craft.

As far as what we’ve been listening to our tastes are always evolving and changing, most recently we’ve been smashing out a lot of Stevie Wonder  and for something more modern we’ve been loving the new St. Vincent album and all of Phoebe Bridgers latest work.

They attribute their style change to The Beatles, but that’s unavoidable really. The Lumineers vibe is also heard in some parts, especially the breakdown that feels like its building up. Using the swelling chords and synths to their advantage, they surf a wave higher and taller than many would attempt, and score well. I assumed the band name would have some convoluted, complex reason, but that’s what overanalyzing does. A beautiful and simple reason.

Culture creating craft

The name came about years ago, it originally was the name of a band Darcy was part of but after the group had broken up and we decided to work together on this project we thought it sounded cool so we stuck with it. It’s meant to be used to describe an earlier peoples culture that has a widespread impact and influence on later people’s cultures, sounds pretty fitting for a band. Although secretly we kept it as a tribute to our mum. 

The song closes out with a soft outro that is reminiscent of many songs that have a narrative that ends. The story might continue, but the chapter is complete and that is what you hear. Mother Culture might have been around since 2018, but you’ve never heard them this polished and composed.

Listen to their latest single Scaramouche here:

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