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Elajah Mouhammed – The Curious Die Young EP | Take It Easy

Elajah Mouhammed, a rapper and artist from New York City known for his projects “Survival Of The Fittest” and “Bayside Love”, recently released an EP titled, “The Curious Die Young”. Inspired by artists like Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, and Childish Gambino, Elajah’s sound is linked by the shared feeling of being out of place and misunderstood and that’s what helps listeners relate more to his words.

EP Track List

Solar Drive

The EP begins with a feel-good track called Solar Drive that features a groovy beat, a funky electric guitar, and bright synths. He seems persuasive in his lyrics – “you know you’re my one and my only, so not one of these­ gets to know me..”. Elajah’s vocal delivery is playful and his flow is extremely natural here.


Sunkissed features an amazing beat with a variety of percussive rhythms that support Elajah’s verses. The low end of this track has a lot of energy with a gliding bass that is sure to get your head moving. Sunkissed is very intricately composed and also has a trumpet instrumental that fits in like it belongs.

Battle Of The Bastards

With an intriguing title, Battle Of The Bastards has my favourite intro yet. The beat comes in hard after a lush vocal loop and electric guitars, creating a slightly dark mood. “This is euphoria, I am a warrior, I’ll cut your ass down just to feel victorious / why is love never enough?” – Elajah’s lyrics on this track seem to be introspective and slightly angry as well. 

Knock On Wood 

Track number four proves that Elajah’s beats are just plain mad – not too complex and just plain cool. With a very laid-back vibe, Knock On Wood’s sound is highlighted by the 80s synth and disco-like beat. Taking a moment to appreciate Elajah’s writing here – “..but then in comes spring and she changes everything and feelings once strong now fade away like the wind, it seems”. Man’s a poet who can flow with ease!

Modern Times! 

A different vibe then the rest of the tracks in the lot. Modern Times! appears to be a somewhat sentimental track with lyrics that talk about how Elajah’s reminiscences were weaved. It also has a catchy hook melody ­– “Modern times, we live in modern times, we’ll be fine, just say that we’ll be fine” – a hint of optimism over a dope beat.

Low Tides (Outro)

With a rusty drum tone and a 90’s hip-hop drum rhythm, Low Tides (Outro) stands out from the previous songs because of its different sound. The track mainly has an effect-heavy strummed electric guitar loop over which Elajah’s raps effortlessly. I really liked the transitions on this track, they’re well-composed and introduce the hook with an added emphasis. 


“The Curious Die Young” EP is a set of six of Elajah Mouhammed stories consisting of flawless rap ls and unique beats. A lot of emotion is evident in his singing, and his storytelling style is surely worth a listen. His music is modern and appeals to a wide audience due to its freshness and appeal. Having promised to release more music soon, I’m sure his fans are eagerly waiting!

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