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Chasing Tales - The River
Chasing Tales - The River

Chasing Tales – The River | For star-crossed love

The River by Chasing Tales is a somber, Dark Pop number. The song is from the artist’s EP ‘TWIAD / BP’ due to release in late November. From the get-go, the catchy, repetitive hook gets your attention. The clear, distinct vocals layer on top of the background vocals as the moody electronic setup is established. As the pre-chorus comes in, the contemplative melody gets a touch calmer and hopeful.

Lyrically, the song is right at the balance of storytelling and melancholia. The River tells the story of a young pair of star-crossed lovers. When they end up dead, only the river is present to witness this tragic love and loss. The aura of the song is quite Ovidian where the story is a legend or tale of caution for future generations.

Chasing Tales is a Hamburg, Germany-based artist known for his profound delvings into the alternate. He writes music that blends and bends genres, delving into indie electronic, melancholia, wanderlust, the many stages of darkness and light with his soundscapes. The constant, however, is the somewhat dark feeling of control and power. 

Since the end of 2019, the artist has been traveling the world. In this trying time, he has been able to finally find a way to his art. The River is much like his two previous singles where it provokes thoughts of identity, power, and control. The artist says says, ‘There is no light without darkness. But only darkness without light.’ In saying so, the song stands for everything it represents and contrasts with, ranging from love to the futility of war, and more.

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