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Cities in Dust - Vanishing Anarchist
Cities in Dust - Vanishing Anarchist

Cities in Dust – Vanishing Anarchist – | Intrigue

Cities in Dust is a four musician band comprising Ady Baker (vocals and Microbrute), Jim Dorney (Bass and guitar), Billy ‘Smile’ Imrie (Guitar and Vocals) and Leo Brown (Drums and Loops). Their second release of 2021, “Vanishing Anarchist” is a cool new rock sound that is sure to surprise you. Cities in Dust display a potent mix of indie rock that is punctuated by a wide range of genres, such as hip-hop, electronica, punk, and psychedelia.

Vanishing Anarchist is inspired by a passage from the memoirs of New Order’s Stephen Morris. It is about those who are very vocal about politics and position themselves as activists, but who never back up their claims with action–in fact, who flee at the first sight of difficulty. What begins with electronic video game and a really cool syncopated drum intro slowly segues into raspy, attractive vocals. Their vocals are characterized by a memorable melody and interesting storytelling that explores in modern Britain. The bass and drums lay down a funk base with some really divergent flourishes in place. Cities in Dust display a variety of soundscapes which intersect with Ady’s distinct vocals. They definitely remind me of a more indie version of Anarchy in the UK and the Gorrillaz.

Cities in Dust is known for their experimentation with form and content. They have love songs set to smoggy, sleazy sounds of the night. There are dance romps about decapitation and the infinite emancipation of intellect. There is also a searing rap about religious morality.  Cities in Dust skillfully integrates their politics into their music, and we are all here for it. After all, what is art if not political.

Go explore “Vanishing Anarchist” by Cities in Dust. You won’t be sorry.

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