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Silja Rós - Stay Still
Silja Rós - Stay Still

Silja Rós – Stay Still | Melodic Vase

‘Stay Still’ by Silja Rós has a mystical quality about it. It’s vintage, yet with a contemporary touch. Silja Rós is an Icelandic singer-songwriter based in Reykjavik and Copenhagen. Silja Rós competed in The Voice Iceland in 2017 and released her first album the same year, which garnered a lot of positive feedback. Rás2, Iceland’s national radio station, named her record “Album of the Week”. Silja’s vocal performance is one-of-a-kind and emotive, lifting us to an another realm. The sound has immersive quality and draws you into her world. 

The most essential aspect of the record is that the mood remains continuous, and she gradually introduces us to new layers while retaining the essence. After listening to the entire album, I am blown away by her songwriting skills, as well as her execution and melodic ideas. I believe it will be tough to discuss songs individually since she has been successful in convincing the songs to be included on the same album, which is unusual in recent times. Her great sense of a song’s mood says a lot about her musical talents. The arrangement has been retained entirely in line with the song’s concept.

Throughout the album, there are a lot of improvisations and exceptional chromatic melodic fills. For example, the beginning of ‘Body & Soul’ should be regarded an excellent start. It provides a gentle foundation on which the rest of the record is being built. She then builds on it gradually with her powerful voice. The bass eventually comes in, and the synchronized drum tone adds that extra oomph. The chorus gets to the point, and the bridge’s great usage of an accidental note offers us a faint in the colours of emotion you experience in accordance with the words. A promising start!

The groove continues with the second song, ‘Holding On To U,’ which features some extremely thrilling chord modulations that give the music some more energy. The dreamlike Piano performances in ‘Raging Fires,’ the third piece, is really appealing, and the phenomenal improv and harmonies in the vocals make it even more delicious. As we get to the fourth track, ‘Success,’ we are exposed to more atmospheric or sonic designs, and the vibe has taken over completely. The use of a deep bass synthesizer tones and violin arrangements adds a lot of feelings to the composition, heightening the intensity.

‘Reality’ is light and airy, with more live musical sounds, bringing to mind the classic sound of popular music from the 1990s and early 2000s. The bass lines were really promising to me. ‘Stay Still,’ her title tune, showcases her affinity for jazzy chords and arrangements. With her composition ‘Stay Still,’ she clearly stamps her mark on the sounds. Her performance is effortless and very genuine. ‘Mind Stuck On U’ has a vintage feel with modern R&B elements that give it a distinct flavour. The chord accents were fantastic, and the tight bottom end set it apart from the rest. I personally sensed a stronger connection, and this song will undoubtedly be on repeat for a while. ‘Hold’ has a wonderful mood that properly sums up the entire album. It sounds so genuine and real. It has a dreamy vibe to it that makes you want to listen to the entire record again.

Silja’s attempt to express herself via writing about her unusual relationship with silence is touching. The songwriting is authentic and honest. Her affinity for R&B is evident, and with her distinct take on songwriting, we’ve been introduced to a new mix.

Happy Listening to Silja Rós’s new album ‘ Stay Still’ on Spotify!

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