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Annabel Hailey - Rhythm of Life
Annabel Hailey - Rhythm of Life

Annabel Hailey – Rhythm of Life | Evocative

Annabel Hailey is a singer-songwriter, originally from Finland. Annabel has lived in the Big Apple for several years before moving back to Europe and residing in Amsterdam. Her music is evocative, raw, pure, and organic. Inspired by Jazz and Folk Pop, Annabel Hailey channels her music in the form of storytelling. Annabel creates soundscapes that paint a picture for her listeners.

Rhythm of Life is a track that does not differ from Annabel’s description of her music. The track sets a beautiful scene with the opening chords, almost like you’re walking into a Jazz Club. Annabel Hailey comes in with her vocals that create this smooth melody that entrances the listener. I find her vocals so seductive. Rhythm of Life reminds me of David Gilmour‘s The Girl In The Yellow Dress with similar instrumentation and atmosphere. Annabel Hailey uses some interesting acoustic elements in wind instruments and percussions that give Rhythm of Life an intriguing feeling.

I really enjoy the track as a whole, every bit of it reminds me of artists that have used complex music theory like Thom Yorke of Radiohead and David Gilmour. The organic feeling that the track produces just hits you in a way that electronically sampled music can’t. I highly rate Rhythm of Life and Annabel Hailey’s other music – Fallen, Phases, and Love Is Like A Breeze to name a few.

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