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Shae Brock-Wish
Shae Brock-Wish
Shae Brock-Wish

Shae Brock-Wish | Resonate

Birthed from the emotional caress of solitude and coveting time, Shae Brock brings to the table a new single, Wish. Absorbing the rhythm of the acoustic in a new frequency, she displays a song rich with simplicity and passion. Using the same section of melody, she swerves in simple bends to create a memorable song.

I don’t know how many reading this are Neil Young & Crazy Horse fans, but the structure of the song reminded me of Hey Hey, My My. The popular song had the recurring chords, but Shae Brock inculcates a slowcore burn to the song, with simplified electric guitar complementing her vocals in the track. The harmonies help in alleviating her role in the song as well. The blues solo in the electric spectrum is one to observe.

The haunting chorus makes a huge difference, swallowing the empty space to prolong time itself. Shae Brock outdoes herself from her previous single, Mary Jane. Exploring parts of genres, Shae Brock is really creating ripples in still water. It’s a new couple of steps after her album Dreamers Club, and she’s just getting started. She seems to be bringing back a genre that was supposedly dead.

Find the electrifying spark in this slow burn here:

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