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Little Victories - Set In Stone
Little Victories - Set In Stone

Little Victories – Set In Stone | July Breezes

Little Victories’ new single, ‘Set In Stone,’ sounds refreshing, contemporary, and flawless in terms of songwriting. Three members make up the London-based band: Nay Shalom on vocals and keyboards, Marcus Gooda on vocals and bass, and Sam Rose on guitars. The band builds on biggest influences such as The 1975’s pop rock power, Bon Iver’s experimental leanings, and Oh Wonder’s delicate electronics to shape a kaleidoscope of genres that caters to all of your emotional needs.

The fairly simplistic but creative production approach was the first aspect that piqued my interest. The upbeats in the first verse are emphasised by the drums, making it seem lively and restless, which raises anticipation in the listener’s mind for the downbeat. Very effective!

As we approach the chorus for the first time, though, I believe the portion might be more impactful and creative. Nonetheless, the song’s songwriting is so solid that it establishes and maintains the song’s entire tone. The soundtrack is light and airy, and it immediately makes you feel relaxed and at ease. The uplifting guitar licks make you want to dance. The vocal melody emphasises the downbeats as we approach the bridge, making it more energetic and vigorous.

My key takeaway from the song is the low tone, which adds a lot of warmth and the note selection blends in perfectly with the arrangement. Definitely giving it a little more oomph. I’ve really loved the band’s contemporary style and am looking forward to hearing their forthcoming releases.

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