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Jon Pattie - Dream On
Jon Pattie - Dream On

Jon Pattie – Dream On | Electronic

With 2 singles and an EP out in 2021, Jon Pattie is on a roll! Collaborating with Ivey, Pattie has given his acoustic hit single “Dream on” a new and electronic twist. The song is an interesting take on his original single, and it is safe to say Jon Pattie is really pushing his musical threshold.

The song begins with a gentle piano that segues into Jon Pattie’s vocals. It is an electronic pop which reminds me of early dubstep, think Skrillex. Jon Pattie’s sound has moved significantly from an acoustic pop to guitar-heavy sound and synths for his recent album, Reflection: Vol II. The beats are interesting and display a varied range of instrumentals. There is an echoey beat that underlies the song and guides its pacing. The vocals and the electronica fade in and out of seamlessly. The beats are a pulsating remix and remind me of fun video game sounds. Ivey has managed to tune in some very creative dubstep elements into the track.

A fun fact about this Nashville-based singer-songwriter is that he is a teacher. Jon Pattie has been using his music as a way to journal and explore his emotions and experiences. He shares a story of the love for music and its power of keeping people close to each other. His music also explores depression and difficult relationships, as well as motivating his listeners to always follow their dreams.

Definitely give Jon Pattie a listen!

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