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Way Back Now
Way Back Now

Hypothetical – Way Back Now | Invigorating

Alternative-rock duo, Hypothetical (Matt Feldman and Sean O’Neil), from Philadelphia and Atlanta released a new single titled “Way Back Now”. Their duo was originally formed when they began studying music production together, and their previous high-school jam sessions established an undeniable chemistry that has allowed them to focus on producing magic for over five years!

The song starts with a funky electric guitar progression that gives us a taste of the vibe of “Way Back Now”. Kick and hi-hat rhythms set the pace for the tracks’ verse section and the vocals shine through as there’s a lot of space given to them. In a very colourful and lively chorus, Hypothetical has managed to combine groovy guitars, hip-hop beats, and progressions reminiscent of Latino music (there’s definitely a hint of Santana in there!). The transitions are smooth and not too complex – vocal aah’s and secondary harmonies fit in nicely as filler elements and support the lead melody as well. 

The combined tone created by both the singers’ voices is quite invigorating. By combining strong yet playful vocals with engaging music, Hypothetical has created a summer anthem that would be perfect for a beach party! The lyrics are simple and the singers talk about how they’re on the way back to where they belong; where someone significant is present and how much they’re craving that presence. “And just like loose leaf nothing soothes me anymore..” – there’s a hint of misery in some of these relatable lyrics, but all in all it’s an optimistic song that can get you on your feet easily!

Hypothetical has released two well-received alt-rock albums from 2018. This single has a fresher sound that I’m sure the fans are going to love. “Way Back Now”, at the end of the day, is a very lively and vibrant song that’s easy on the ears and is entirely fun!

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