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End of Proof - Don't Think Twice
End of Proof - Don't Think Twice

End of Proof – Don’t Think Twice | Pink-hued

Jon Nilsson, a Norwegian artist who describes himself as a “one man indie band,” is the man behind End of Proof. ‘Don’t Think Twice,’ his latest single, is a pleasant melody that I loved right away. 

The song straight away gained a lot of momentum when the guitar lines were performed as a polyrhythm to the common time signature. To begin with, a wonderful idea. The song’s pace soon picks up, and the words take the centre stage. The piano added a lot of warmth to the tune, which went well with the words.

The song  may appear basic, but it’s really engaging, and the vocals, in particular, have a dreamlike texture and that makes the overall feel particularly enticing. The transitions, in particular, are silky smooth and glide effortlessly through the verses. As the song continues, the drums ensures that we never lose interest. The constant variations in the patterns keep things fresh and alive.

The melody and the tone of the lyrics are tightly knitted throughout the song. It makes it easier for the listener to remember the song. It’s groovy and precise while yet being impactful. The song has a distinct indie vibe throughout, which is a significant indicator of the artist’s personality throughout his prior albums. After listening to his most recent albums, it’s apparent that his consistency with how the voices sound is making an impression. I’m looking forward to seeing what he creates with the sound in the future.

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