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Zach Sanders-First Move
Zach Sanders-First Move
Zach Sanders-First Move

Zach Sanders-First Move | Smooth

If you haven’t heard of Zach Sanders, you haven’t been exploring R&B music enough. From the silkiest savannahs of satin, Zach Sanders raises the heat and the bar with his latest single, First Move. Featuring his saxophone and sir in all his glory, here is what the song is about.

To make his composition stick out, Sanders uses a standard beat template to riff over. His song is an accruement of beautiful verses and short and sweet sax riffs, that glide over the eardrum. Vocals are just as enchanting, the chorus a powerful hook that seems to channel the greats like Richie. The synth effects and swells rise and crash at the right moments, with his pop touch being noticed and heard.

The funky guitar might sound a little faint, but that’s because you should be listening to Zach Sanders voice and the saxophone he wields. As the doctor recommended, the solo comes halfway past the 2-minute mark, Sanders leaving enough space on either side for it to be appreciated. Smartly breaking it down using it, the song ends, but not for long. I have it on a loop you see.

With a voice that is shockingly like Usher and skills far beyond Usher’s wildest dreams, Zach Sanders has paid the piper in full. First Move is a seductive illusion that occupies a part of your day.

Listen to the saxy single here:

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