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Simon Ocean – Secrets: The EP | Attractive

Miami-born Singer-songwriter, Simon Ocean’s latest release is a pop-EDM album called “Secrets: The EP”. His music is about the things that matter to him most in life and span from love and hate, pain and pleasure, confidence and insecurity, and everything in between. His journey as a writer led him to make a name for himself in the industry, and now, after a decade, under the alias Simon Ocean, he is releasing his own music.

“Secrets: The EP“ Tracklist

Excite You

Starts with a simple beat comprising of a kick and a rimshot pattern setting the groove of the track. It’s nice how the frequency spectrum isn’t cluttered with too many instruments – allows Simon’s vocals to shine through easily, leading to an added emphasis on the lyrics. He sings from a sad, melancholic place in the verses and switches to a slightly optimistic tone in the chorus – “Cause there’s something about doing things you should never do, What’s the point living this life if it doesn’t excite you..”. The drop is full of energy and features a few synthesizers that fill up the stereo field accompanying the mood of the track

The Skin

Track two begins with a synth bass that predominantly carries the verses of “The Skin”. With the opening line of “I’ve been up and down these roads a lot…”, we get a sense of Simon’s experiences in relationships and the emotions he’s felt during those times. The chorus features an energetic and satisfying drop that’s very well executed with the right amount of synths and chord stabs making the song all the more interesting and engaging.


A groovy and playful four-bar loop introduces “Secrets”, which at its core is somewhat a sensual love song with a catchy chorus. In addition to his effortless vocals, the track also features a hip-hop-inspired beat towards the end changing the mood a bit yet keeping in sync with the flow of the album. As well as its simple composition, this track has a powerful drop that can get you on your feet!

Miss You More

Similar to the opening track, “Miss You More” also opens with a simple bass and kick pattern that’s a bit bouncy. There seems to be a story in the lyrics about Simon’s search for something to fill up the void left by the experience of loss and heartache. His straightforward and simple lyrics are written from a place of nostalgia – “Every day, every hour, thinking about what was ours; every hour every minute, I was wishing you were in it..” Simon has sung with a lot of emotion on “Miss You More” and his pain is relatable, that’s what makes this song a perfect end to an emotional and uplifting 4-track album that is danceable as well.


Simon’s experience as a songwriter for ten years has helped him hone his craft and it can be most appreciated on this album. With honest and relatable lyrics, “Secrets: The EP”, I think, is a very well written, well-executed, four-track mix of nostalgia and hope that is very easy on the ears. Simon’s sound is special in many ways, and I’m eager to hear what more he has in store for us!

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