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OWO – SEEDs | Empowering

If you’ve ever wondered what RnB music would sound like with African beats, you have to check out Nigerian-American artist OWO! Having grown up in Maryland, OWO’s passion for music comes from her exposure to a variety of different genres and her experience singing and writing in church from a young age. Described as ‘Afro-Electro-RnB’, her music is authentic to her roots and features a great blend of multiple genres.

SEEDs EP Track List

“The Power”, starts off with a monologue about how Africa has the ability to take over the world giving us a glimpse of OWO’s confidence in her African roots. This confidence bleeds into the latter track of the SEEDs EP.

“Searching” is an R&B track with a refreshing infusion of Afrobeats emanating throughout. With today’s prevalent trap beats that can be heard in many songs, the choice of going with this blend is quite invigorating. We get the impression from the song’s mellow and relaxed style that the process of finding ourselves is a lengthy and contemplative one, but, time is short and we should take advantage of it as much as possible.

“Don’t Leave”, is a continuation in the theme of the album where the artist longs for their lover to stay with them. Hopeful yet steeped in sorrow, the track does not have the presence of Afrobeats as much and is rooted more in the spectrum of the R&B genre – has a very chill vibe with elements of lo-fi as well.

The next piece, “Fam” gives a taste of OWO’s exemplary singing which has an almost Beyoncé-like feel to it, coming mainly from the composition. Initially, the song starts out very bluesy, but during the part that features Atlanta-based artist, Mannywellz, the song is embellished with an African influence which enriches the song even more. The upbeat nature of “Fam”, gives us the message of the importance of family and the motivation to get further in life through these bonds

 “Think You Are” is a fierce statement and a highly empowering song wherein the artist is pushing back against an abusive lover and is tired of them and their toxicity. Exuding confidence and self-empowerment, this song comes forwards as a message which can be used by anyone to stand up in the face of emotional abuse.

Next in line is track six, “Wasting time”, a song made in collaboration with producer Kashaka known for releases like – “Marijuana and “Hello Hi”. It feels like a continuation of “Think You Are” and emotes feelings of freedom and the philosophy of self-love. Highly ornamented with Afrobeat sounds, the track is full of mischief, wonder, and a celebration of one’s own self.

“Interlude (The Answer)” features a lyrical monologue telling the listener that, despite whatever you achieve in life, at the end of the day what matters most is returning to your home to better it. A short yet affecting 1:00-minute-long transition to the final track of “SEEDs” that reminds you never to forget where you come from!

The final track on the EP is aptly titled, “Home” – the most upbeat out of all the other tracks in the EP – a celebration of OWO’s African roots where it seems she is happy to be back where she belongs. After traveling and experiencing love, heartbreak, and various other emotions throughout her emotional journey, it seems that she is happy to come out of all the unrest, a stronger person; someone who can motivate others to go through their own experience and come out a better human being.


In this genre-transcending album, OWO tells the tale of a young woman who survives and learns how to become at ease with the changes she experiences in daily life. Her optimistic voice and music are full of determination and have a lot of energy on this EP. “SEEDs” takes us through a journey using the fusion of Afrobeats and R&B, making it an enjoyable listening experience while also giving us a few life lessons along the way. 

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