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Chasing Shadows - Bullets
Chasing Shadows - Bullets

Chasing Shadows – Bullets | Exhilarating

Chasing Shadows is a four-piece, indie rock band from North Wales. The band is characterised by their eccentric nature and how that translates into their music. The music is truly an experience, giving you an enjoyable journey with smooth transitions and a husky voice for a little extra texture.

Bullets is a track that has some pretty interesting, driving riffs that set the tone for the track. The drums are hypnotic and repetitive, giving you the feeling of being in a loop, but the rhythm guitar creates various spaces for you to experience texture. The dynamics of the whole band playing off of each others’ energy can strongly be felt. The vocals have this husky, coarse texture that reminds me of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and like a more rock version of Harry Styles. I really enjoy the melody and how it is the stable constant in an ever-growing sea of new instrumental samples. I really can’t get over the dynamics of the track. Chasing Shadows does a really good job at creating and resolving suspense and tension.

Chasing Shadows is a band to keep your eye out for. I can see them hitting the charts soon, especially in North Wales and the UK. So, jump on the bandwagon to have those bragging rights in front of your friends.

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