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Bellavolent - Holding it Down (Acoustic)
Bellavolent - Holding it Down (Acoustic)

Bellavolent – Holding it Down (Acoustic) | Pursuing the individual truth

Holding it Down is another emotive tune from indie alt-pop musician Bellavolent. The acoustic version of the song offers an alternative experience to the original that predates its release. Played entirely on the piano, the deep reverberation of the keys meets Bellavolent’s profound vocals right in the middle. And the soulful and melodic tune gives the artist the perfect backdrop to talk about the pain of losing a lover.

The subject of the song is a friend who has a long and special history with the artist. The singer songwriter, from her end, is gentile yet surefooted: they must stay strong. They must hold down what they believe in, as they did in their youth. A lot has changed, they have very different things that keep them worried. However, knowing their long term goals, and chasing after the things that mean the most to them is imperative to survive in a twisted world. The two of them shouldn’t be pushed around, rather they should be relentless in their pursuit of their truth and identity.

This dresamwork is by Fay, who goes by the stage name Bellavolent. She is known for singing and producing music that is a little bit of pop with a strong beat at the core. The Los Angeles, California-based artist’s unique musical style is signified by her use of synth-pop production and her ethereal vocals. 

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