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The Fishes and I-Time to Heal
The Fishes and I-Time to Heal
The Fishes and I-Time to Heal

The Fishes And I-Time to Heal | Rebound

From the dense roots of inspiration that struck The Smashing Pumpkins and the new era of 90’s alt-rock, comes a new mind. A mind that doesn’t stick to those years, but progresses in music styles in ways they don’t want to be contained by. The Fishes And I release their latest song, Time to Heal. It is a wondrous sound approach, something that hasn’t been heard in a long time.

With the vocals matching the strain and quality of the late Layne Staley, Wasting no time with prolonged bars of rhythm, TFAI make a splash sonically. Their song is recumbent of the Britpop era we all dearly miss, but with lesser heartbreak. Time to Heal uses a swinging whip as a riff to hold on to that high octave. Tug manages to match the same effort with his vocals as well.

Trying to break the momentum with several riff changes, they solidify the bond of the song with their unique display of style. It isn’t unique so to speak, but is adhesive to the kind of songs they write. A switch in tempo as well as sound from their 2017 EP Turning Tides, The Fishes and I have chosen a very stylistic, experimental approach to this track which makes it something to rock out to occasionally.

The post 2 minute mark has a surprise lift which doesn’t engage the ears too heavy. It is an interesting choice for a breakdown, let’s see if you enjoy it.

Listen to their latest single Time to Heal here:

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