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Mattias Lies - The Great Divide
Mattias Lies - The Great Divide

Mattias Lies – The Great Divide | Transcendental

Staying true to his inspiring folk-pop sensibility, Mattias Lies just released his second single, “The Great Divide” from his upcoming album “Turning Point.” Known for his beautifully sincere verses and music, the Swedish singer-songwriter derives inspiration from his own life. And from what we’ve heard so far, it has been quite a journey.

The Great Divide talks about having to overcome an obstacle and make it across a divide between mountains. Having felt an existential void due to various conditions like war and death, Mattias Lies figured out a way to channel his sorrows into therapeutic music that keeps you grounded in nature. All his music and lyrics are well-thought-out, honestly, curated pieces that will help you stay rooted in yourself.

Having a distinct sound like that of Bob Dylan and Don McLean, Mattias Lies crafts his music rich with imagery and comfort. His songs are often rooted in the vast meadows and mountains of Sweden. His voice along with the guitar and the piano was definitely an addition to the aesthetic of the song. The song begins with a melancholic acoustic vibe that soon turns into an uplifting, chorale tune. There is something fascinating about musicians who can craft their melancholy into a didactic piece of art that not only lets you escape the world for a bit, but also leaves you content.
Mattias Lies is definitely one of those musicians. He has crafted stories and advice into these beautiful songs that let you escape the fast-paced, clickety-clackety world only to return with a sense of purpose, calm and wonder.

Go give “The Great Divide” a listen. You won’t regret it.

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