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Lara de Belder – Overtime | Jazzy

London-based singer-songwriter, musical director and actor, Lara de Belde released her second single of 2021 on 24th September titled, “Overtime”. As a performer and creator in theatre, film and concert, Lara has a very comprehensive grasp on multiple genres of music ranging from jazz, r&b, soul, blues, funk, r&b, folk and even EDM. “Overtime” is a track with a lot of soul, electronic dance beats, and a vocals as powerful as Beyoncé’s!

The track opens with a slightly offbeat intro that features a vibrato-heavy EP and a basic drum beat. Lara’s strong and pitch-perfect vocals come in with a walking bassline. A swingy, celebratory vibe dominates this track, which seems to be heavily influenced by jazz and pop music from the 60s and 70s, however, with a modern twist from Lara. 

Something that struck me while listening to the track for the second or third time was the slight decrease of tempo at the 1:57 mark – a unique change in the songs progression, or maybe my ears are just playing tricks on me, who knows? “Overtime” also features a harmonious bridge with a walking piano bass carrying it to the final chorus where Lara sings my favourite line of the song – “You’re working overtime and do do do ba dow..”

The addition of the scat vocals to the harmony and chorus of the song really enhances it; “Overtime” is full of jazz influences!

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