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Ermitaz - Alike
Ermitaz - Alike

Ermitaz – Alike | Feels

Ermitaz the pop-rock duo is out with their third release of 2021, called Alike. The song is a melancholy and aloof manifestation of their and all our mental states. Like most things in life, this song is also a combination of pain and love. The song also gives me major dream/bedroom pop vibes. The vocals exist on three different levels – two of the artists and the harmonies that back them up.

Ermitaz and their sound remind me of early 2010s electro-pop vibes, with the dreamy vocals and pulsating instrumentals that travel between your ears. The instrumentals and the music really build up an atmosphere where you feel yourself falling into the music.

The real special thing about Ermitaz is how they convert a sense of existential anxiety into these electro-pop love songs. Alike revolves around trauma and anxiety, but working through it and finding someone who will work through it with you. I think one of my favorite lines in the song is, “I tried to keep it still, but pain tends to spill, so we had to change, just to go on If I had that skill, to bend the world at will I would rearrange every proton…” These lines say more about the song than I could try. The thing about Ermitaz is that they know what they want to deliver, and they keep experimenting with their sound.

Ermitaz has a very distinct sad-dream-pop vibe that one would find on Tumblr. They are definitely an interesting listen. They have mentioned that they don’t have a choice but to keep making music. Well, here’s hoping they don’t!

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