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Trisha & Thara – Regret | Adolescent Love

Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Sophia Grace – these artists began creating music at an early age, just like sisters Trisha and Thara! The teen pop duo has been creating music since primary school and has performed in multiple cities across the US since then. Their latest release, “Regret”, is an easy on the ear pop song about adolescent love that has relatable and surprisingly mature lyrics.

The song opens with euphonious vocals accompanied by a mellow guitar loop and a soft kick. The structure of the song is similar to most pop songs and the melody seems to be reminiscent of artists like Ariana Grande and Carly Rae Jespen. I find it impressive that these girls have such a grown-up tone to their voices at such a young age! In their lyrics, they deal with heartbreak and the inevitability of mistakes being undone. There is an element of heartfelt emotion behind the words and they seem to come from the experiences had after having dealt with a certain sort of pain. 

With not too many instruments cluttering the mix, the highlight of the track is surely the harmonious vocals of the girls. “Regret” has a simple, clean production that lets the vocals shine – I love how it sounds on my studio headphones! A catchy chorus and a crisp bridge section set the stage for the sister duo’s second single. They plan to release more original music soon, and I’m eager to hear what’s in store for the fans!

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