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Dan Villalobos - Cover Me Up
Dan Villalobos - Cover Me Up

Dan Villalobos – Cover Me Up | Dreamy

Dan Villalobos and MAXON are back with a brand-new single in 2021 called “Cover Me Up.” The electro-pop single is your new bop for this season.

Melancholic and emotive, Cover Me Up is driven by MAXON’s vocals and perfectly complimented by Villalobos’ production. The music in this single is very rooted in Dan Villalobos style. The beat is dynamic and groovy. The song gives you a very dream pop vibe. Whenever I think of electro-pop, I’m conditioned to expect loud, overwhelming beats. But Cover Me Up left me with a new appreciation for electro-pop. The song is succinct and subtle, and I absolutely loved the way the vocals and the music not only complimented each other, but also let each other shine. The song reminds me of an early Lindsey Stirling and Imagine Dragons collaboration.

Over synth-splashed beats, MAXON’s voice captivate, crescendoing to a strong chorus asking us to let go. “Cover Me Up” looks at the decisions we make and how they affect the relationships we form, especially our own, predicting much of the self-reflection many people have experienced during quarantine. Dan Villalobos displays his tact for producing well-structured synth driven beats. The musical echoes of the vocals in the chorus are my favorite part of the song. This single really gives you the feels, but it in a fun, groovy way.

It’s very clear that the Dan Villalobos and MAXON collaboration is a gift that keeps giving. Fun Fact: this is Dan Villalobos’ first release since his recovery from COVID in 2020. With more music on the way, Dan Villalobos is an artist you’d want to keep track of.

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