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We Are Not Robots-What Are You Waiting For?
We Are Not Robots-What Are You Waiting For?
We Are Not Robots-What Are You Waiting For?

We Are Not Robots-What Are You Waiting For? | Force

Drawing energy from the intensity of good and pure rock, We Are Not Robots release what reflects riff-based rock with their own touch. What Are You Waiting For ? is their newest single, and it is a compiled effort of several layers. From instrumentals to a don’t back down vibe-it takes care of everything.

Opening with a crunchy guitar sound, the lead dominating riff can be heard in parts throughout the song. Allowing the instruments majesty to soak in before unleashing the drums, the song is at full flow at 0:18. The layered guitars sound like a body with a soul, derivative of Smashing Pumpkins or the guitarist army of the Foo Fighters. Like WVH’s new album, the mellow vocals of Pete Konakov grab your attention. With the drum section steady like a rock to rock, the recurring riff holds the song together like glue.

A new sound and style on display after their last single Form A Circle Light A Fire, What Are You Waiting For? doesn’t leave the punk riff roots of what is framed impure rock, but uses it to enhance. The layering sounds of the guitar make the sound much heavier, while the positive lyrics usher in a change. The post 3-minute jam section is also reminiscent of the Foos, with sizzling hot delivery making this song a staple for your rock-jam playlist.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to We Are Not Robots single here:

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