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orla the octopus
orla the octopus

Vix-20 – Orla The Octopus – Brit

When you couple the charm of rustic 80s synths with modern production and an energetic, rock-laden sound with creative songwriting, you get “Orla The Octopus” by the duo Vix20. Composed of two industry veterans in the music industry, Vix really knows how to make a track immediately stand out from the rest; they really pull off the energy they put forth in their songs.

“Orla The Octopus” is a peppy, danceable number with creative guitar use and the occasional guitar lick to keep the listeners’ ears entertained. There are small, nuanced parts all throughout the song, and it’s a treat when somebody’s listening in and picking out all the smaller details. There is a lot of creative synth use in the song, coupled with the energetic, but in-time percussion and all accompaniment do an overall great job of carrying the weight of the song. rather well.

The song immediately takes me back to the era of dancey, ABBA-esque Brit 80s pop; the mood, the approach vis-a-vis the instrumentation, is all very homely, resembling a happy, radio-friendly track. The vocals are distinctive, with the vocalist’s accent adding flair, and subtle harmony placement further making the vocals comprehensively awesome.

The mix is tight, punchy and hits all the right power points in the song. There is good dynamics control in the presentation, with all the high and low energy parts being dealt with very effectively, especially during the refrain. Overall, I loved listening to this one, and you should too! Check it out here-

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