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One Cure For Man - Too Many Songs
One Cure For Man - Too Many Songs

One Cure For Man – Too Many Songs | Honest

James Parkinson is truly on his way to becoming a performer for the larger stages. With his stage name One Cure For Man, Parkinson’s music is increasingly attaining a near-anthemic status among generations.

One Cure For Man returns to the music scene after a short hiatus since the release of his track Everything (Promise Me) from earlier in the year. This time, he updates his discography with the release of his fresh number Too Many Songs. On first listen, the track appears a very truthful and heartfelt account of some of the singer-songwriter’s philosophical musings, expressed through the melodic arrangements of his mind.

On a more characteristic level, Too Many Songs resembles genres of retro arena rock, country rock and even instances of soft rock. Thematically, the track highlights the artist’s almost existential stream of consciousness, sometimes even purporting perhaps the need for companionship and camaraderie. The arrangement is made rich with the piano arpeggios, electric guitar symphonies, synth-pop waves that drench across the track and mellow percussive elements. Parkinson’s discography is a true reflection of the evolutionary arc of an artist as he manages to reinvent himself with every track, redefining the sound of his discography through the latest tricks up his silver. This is what makes One Cure For Man one of the most prominent burgeoning artists in the industry.

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