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jem doulton the cows came home
jem doulton the cows came home

Jem Doulton – The Cows Came Home – Experimental

To be able to talk about music for a job is a beautiful thing; and when songs like “The Cows Came Home” by London-based alt/experimental musician Jem Doulton come by, I’m left with a challenge; a source of intrigue. To even begin to decipher this song is a task; and that, is in no way, shade to Jem; it’s the sheer amount of thought that’s gone into this song; the sheer mastery at play here that’s easier to step back and simply appreciate than deconstruct, layer by layer.

And appreciation for this song, I have in dollops. A synth nerd and fan of experimental stuff myself, the intro immediately catches my attention; with the odd time signature supported by these wafty, atmospheric sounding synths; with many, many interesting sounds dancing around the click and a fundamental groove.

This soon descends into a weirdly unsettling but catchy melodic arrangement supported by heavily distorted guitar; lending the track a very post-apocalyptic, metal vibe. The choice of instruments, the chord progression and the supporting percussive section all seem to indicate that as well. All these elements come together to present a powerful, unsettling, yet catchy idea; the presentation here is a positive feast.

Overall, there is a lot to unpack here; and “The Cows Came Home” is the sort of song that you understand better over the course of many listens; it brings to the table much more than just straightforward music and I think it’s an excellent thing. Check it out here!

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