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Bullpup - Bed Song
Bullpup - Bed Song

Bullpup – Bed Song | Cathartic Release

American, emo, punk band, Bullpup, has released yet another track to help you through those moody blues. Formed in a small town in northern Massachusetts, the emo group is heavily inspired by the bands like My Chemical Romance. By using punk elements like heavily distorted rhythm guitars, clean leads, and hard riding drums, Bullpup creates an atmosphere of incredulous angst.

Bed Song is a track that sounds like any teenage kid’s rant of being misunderstood. I find the clean vocals cut through really well in the mix. The instrumental track has an interesting mix, creating spaces by filling in voids, if that makes sense. Bullpup has a unique approach to it’s songwriting by using Jazz and Blues inspired riffs. However, the electronic sample at the end of the track sounds somewhat familiar. I’m not sure if Fall Out Boy is one of Bullpup’s influences, but I would completely understand if they were. The Smashing Pumpkins-esque riffs truly create an air of tension that I personally love in emo music.

I find myself playing Bed Song on repeat, not because it reminds me of these other bands, but because it’s a brilliant track. Every element of the track really hooks you onto it. The subtle piano, the overdriven guitars, the clean vocals (including the screaming) all fit into the mix so well. The distinctness in Bullpup’s soundscape really make them memorable, and I would definitely be lining up for one of their live gigs.

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