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The Letter Elle - Don't Have The Time x
The Letter Elle - Don't Have The Time x

The Letter Elle – Don’t Have The Time x | Buoyant

Elle Emery, better known as The Letter Elle, is an Australian musician and producer. Her music is an amalgamation of various genres and styles. After her 2020 and 2021 singles Faithful and Be Your Lady respectively, she has once again made a magnificent musical contribution to the industry with her latest 2021 single Don’t Have The Time x.

The track is exuberant and unguarded. Elle explores electronic textures with jittery dance rhythms, making the single an unforgettable one. Besides this, the track is infused with elements of pop, R&B accompanied by the intonations transitioning effortlessly between tightly wired verses and the pounding bass.  Elle Emery charges around the aesthetic of the track, pulling it into new experimental directions.

The core force keeping the track cohesive is Elle Emery herself with the single demanding rapt attention. The intense melodies of her voice channel the song in more anthemic and euphoric directions swathed in funky bass and buoyant synth lines. The production is largely sleek and lucid with a set of sonic textures to help to shake things up for the listener. All in all, Don’t Have The Time is a roaring success of the sonic reinvention of The Letter Elle.

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