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Peter Spacey & Floating Anarchy- Spacey Anarchy |

Producers, Peter Spacey and Floating Anarchy released a three-track EP called “Spacey Anarchy” recently. The artist’s music can be best described as a mix of experimental lo-fi and glitch electronica in a structure that relates to multiple EDM sub-genres like Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Future Bass. “Spacey Anarchy” features mesmerizing beats, jazz piano melodies, and turntablism.

Spacey Anarchy Track List

Liquid Planet

Synth arpeggios, detuned electronics, and a rising kick+snare pattern introduce us to the opening track of “Spacey Anarchy” called Liquid Planet. Towards the 1:00 mark, a monophonic synth bass is introduced along with spaced-out pads and what sounds like a delayed electronic clave pluck. Peter’s turntable effects are evident in a drum and bass drop that also features elements of dubstep. The track takes on a slightly different sound at 2:55 – still keeping in sync with the slightly dark and glitchy aura of the track, the addition of lush synths and dreamy EP melodies make it sound more lively and full. With complex fillers, dynamic synths, and spacious beats, Liquid Planet is just a peek into Peter’s unique sound.


An underlying pluck sound from the previous track plays over scratched vocal chops at the beginning of 4×20. A wide snare and deep chest kick form the initial beat here along with percussive lasers and interesting synth fillers. An intensely distorted synth bass takes center stage within the beat structure, making it perfect for layering a rap section over. Having named the track 4×20, I was expecting some smoking references, and boy was I correct. The producers have included coughs, lighter flicks and what I can only assume is the sound of a bubbling bong (2:53 onward). The growling synth bass makes up for most of the melodic structure here. Percussive elements, synth leads, and some electronic ear candy are placed intently in the stereo field, giving the track a wide and immersive effect.

Future Groove

In comparison to the previous tracks, Future Groove sounds less dark and more optimistic right from the start. The 3:10-minute-long Future Bass song begins with a chill extended chord progression over which the album’s signature laser sounds and expansive synths can be clearly heard. Riser snares and sweeps dominate the breakdown sections that precede the head-bangable drops. Peter has a very unique approach when it comes to making music of any genre because he doesn’t see any boundaries. The fusion of side-chained synthesizers, rusty drums, glitches and prawns, and jazzy melodies is what makes Future Groove a special Future Bass record.


Throughout the three songs, the producers have used similar sounds and instruments, creating a wholesome and engaging listening experience. Considering how much is going on in every track, it’s impressive how all of the elements are discernible, owing to a very clean mix. With over 30 single releases in the past four years, Peter Spacey has also made a name for himself in the film/commercial industry and the gaming industry. A unique performance style combined with mesmerizing audiovisual explorations makes Peter an artist to be on the lookout for!

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