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Nicky Buell - BOY CRAZY
Nicky Buell - BOY CRAZY

Nicky Buell – BOY CRAZY | Boldly Outspoken

Seattle-based popstar, Nicky Buell, has released his latest track, BOY CRAZY. A track that boldly speaks out on Buell’s open sexuality. Buell is in the pipeline of making himself a leading voice in the queer pop scene. With an extremely seductive voice, in addition to the quantized Vocodex, Buell creates a beautiful atmosphere with his vocals alone.

BOY CRAZY begins with an acapella intro of Nicky Buell ad libing his way into the high tempo track. The beats are super heavy, with a really bass heavy synth and some interesting percussions thrown in. The track reminds me of early Adam Lambert music shortly after his time on American Idol. Nicky Buell is able to create a high energy with his track, keeping you on your feet. The track easily pumps you up with this exuberance of confidence and I would, personally, listen to the track to get me pumped for the day.

There’s something so liberating about being able to just sing along with the track, once you’re familiar with the melody lines. Nicky Buell creates this sense of strength in his track with his ability to be so bold and upfront with his lyrics that are complimented so well by the instrumental track that gives me visualisations of a chaotic night club. I would highly recommend BOY CRAZY to anyone looking for some motivation in the morning! Let’s get this bread.

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