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Moon Walker - Truth to Power
Moon Walker - Truth to Power

Moon Walker – Truth to Power | Moulding

Truth to Power is an eclectic musical duo whose energy is always channelled into the creation of music that makes an exemplary mark in the industry.

After their new 2021 singles ‘Disturbed Suburbia and Light Burns Out, the duo has released their newest musically powerful 2021 album Truth to Power. This album has elements of rock, funk and post-punk while deriving inspiration from legendary bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and even near-Bowiewsue renditions. The album opens with a fast tempo, slow and controlled vocals along with the sound of the slapping bass guitar. The lyrics on the first track ‘Devil’ are bold and question the political atmosphere of the society that houses us. The track smoothly transitions into an invigorating and electrifying guitar solo.

The production is perfect with dense and dominating rhythmic sounds allowing the duo to sound more compelling. The sound dramatically changes on the second track The TV Made Me Do It with a nervy and minimal new sound wave subtly blending in with lush funk. The aforementioned track subtly transitions into the next Tear Down The Wall. Everything about this track seems like blues-infused rock and it is the melody in the middle of the track where two shifts in pace and sound emerge. The vocal range dies down into a mellow sound accompanied by the tones of light drums. The track ignites under the sonic crunch of the vocalist and the equally imposing fretboard flurries. The rhythmic drums tether the two co-leads and while providing a unique and inflective fluidity of their own.

The result of this album is a series of tracks that act out as short stories, and when woven together they form a candid account and destructive cycles of society that keep people trapped inside. While there is no agenda or push to make the listener feel a certain way, it is still evocative and a lyrical powerhouse that will inspire you to strongly identify with certain tracks. This is a testament to the band Moon Walker’s songwriting prowess and lyrical maturation.

The track New Commandments culminates in a swelling rock crescendo with an elegant and exhilarating guitar solo. The band also explores more complex material with the tracks Light Burns Out and Disturbed Suburbia. In the former track, the vocalist milked up the song’s lounge singer vibe with some soused swaying and swooning. It balances the band’s vulnerability and opinionated lyricism with thrilling bravado. The whisky-soaked vocals lend themselves to pop hooks and acoustic balladry. The duo has great potential and has not stepped away from setting an example as well as inspiring the youth with their musical expertise.

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