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Lia Nxieta - Good Boy
Lia Nxieta - Good Boy

Lia Nxieta – Good Boy | Dreamily Light

Lia Nxieta is a Swiss-born, dream pop artist who has burst onto the scene with her angelic voice. Lia has understood that courage cannot exist without fear. This is why anxiety is an important part of her personality – possibly why her name is almost an anagram for the same. La Nxieta uses her music to empower her audience through her vulnerable lyrics.

Good Boy is a pretty graphic track with some pretty explicit lyrics describing a sexual relationship. I find that the lyrics truly compliment the erotic nature of the instrumental track. The beats are loaded with heavy bass, and the synths create an air of seduction. One can tell that the track seems like it’s inspired by 80s synth-pop, RnB, and Contemporary Pop. However, the originality that Lia Nxieta brings into the mix with her angelic vocals contrasting the explicit nature of her lyrics really punches through the track. Additionally, the well mixed track has the perfect place for each element.

I absolutely love Good Boy. It’s a track that feels truly empowering, allowing you to get in touch with your own sexuality. The seductive nature of the track can really get you in the zone to power through anything. So go ahead and empower yourself!

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