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Kite Thief-Hindsight
Kite Thief-Hindsight
Kite Thief-Hindsight

Kite Thief-Hindsight | Bullseye

Look let’s begin with some honesty. There are groups that rock hard, but then change stream like piss and take a hard left. For a metal fan like me, I don’t like that sudden switch, it’s because I’m stubborn. Ever so often I’ll find a band’s sound that I know won’t sellout, and that band now is Kite Thief. Proof is in the pudding, with Hindsight, their latest single.

Hindsight reminds you of the Howard Jones era of Killswitch Engage & Bring Me the Horizon, when they were good. Packing an excess of 900 points power from that arcade machine, it socks your face like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. For those who don’t understand these veteran references, the song bloody rocks and all credit to Kite Thief.

With mesmerizing vocals and perfect instrumentation, the band translates what is great, in hindsight. The song switches from the mellow verses of the intro and bridge to crash and bang where there is the chorus dominating your headspace. Meditation in a storm is what this song is. Hindsight shows the band has just begun since Billie Eillish’s cover of My Strange Addiction & their own single, Sweepstakes.

In case you thought they were going to close out soft, you’re wrong to think that. With a good 20 second window to headbang, they’ve thought of it all. Feel your head crash the ground like Apollo Creed’s K.O in Rocky IV. Sorry, had to drive that reference home.

Now stop reading this pretentious drivel and make some noise at home with Kite Thief’s latest track, Hindsight:

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