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Cristal B. - My Therapist
Cristal B. - My Therapist

Cristal B. – My Therapist | Powerfully Raw

Novel artist, Cristal B., has just dropped her debut single. Cristal does all her work from songwriting to singing and even producing her own tracks. Based out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cristal has always been passionate about music.

My Therapist is a dark, raw, and powerful single to introduce the world to Cristal B. Cristal has stated that she’s not afraid to be real and raw with her listeners. Which is so evident from the blatantly honest lyrics from My Therapist. The track mentions some of Cristal’s thoughts and fears of losing herself to her inner demons (As would any of us). The track opens up with what Cristal’s therapist says about setting boundaries, whereas Cristal would rather avoid it altogether and drink instead – a path that many people would relate to. However, the song acknowledges how destructive these avoidance-based coping strategies are to us in the long run.

I love how clear and powerful Cristal’s voice is and it’s very upfront in conveying her message. The drumline and pads create a light atmosphere that somehow feels heavy and dark at the same time. It feels like you’re going through a musical journey that gives you the best of both worlds. The melody fits perfectly into the instrumental track. This reminds me of Skyfall by Adele, and the more I listen to the track, the less I can tell of the difference between the two artist’s voices.

What strikes me the most about My Therapist and Cristal B., is that it’s not written in similar fashion to older, grungier music which was focused on how these destructive habits help us (leaving out the long term effects, conveniently). Instead, Cristal acknowledges her destructive patterns and knows that there are better ways to cope.

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