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Abby London - Bushes
Abby London - Bushes

Abby London – Bushes | Versatile

What starts out of with a Tetris-like beat is “Bushes” – the newest single by Abby London. This eclectic and fun pop piece is one of those songs that you would find on a “Wake up cheerful” playlists. The second single of 2021, “Bushes”, is a groovy, surprise that keeps on giving. Just when you think you’ve got a hang of the song, Abby London drops a musical element that leaves you wanting more.

Pretty on brand for Abby London, the song is about a budding love story that, like the song, won’t “let you give up on them.” The music has a whimsical vibe to it. It’s a combination of early 00s gamer music that has been brought into the present with its clever use. The beat used, and its production, seems very playful and will keep you on your feet. Like most pop songs, this one too takes you on a journey with its smooth and succinct vocals – all while making sure to keep you on your feet. The beat and the vocals feel syncopated, and I think that is my favorite part of the song.

We had the chance to chat with Abby London about her music, and here is what she had to say:

1. Bushes was such a pleasure to listen to.  Can you tell me what the thought process behind the song was?
I wrote it because I was upset about a relationship I was in. I knew it was unhealthy for me, but I didn’t want to be alone. I sat in my crammed one-room apartment I rented that had a desk, a bed, a guitar, and a piano, and wrote it. Furthermore, I equated being afraid of trying to meet and get to know and be with someone new to wanting to stay in the “bushes”.

2. The song reminds me of playing Tetris and 2010s music. How has your music evolved since you first started?
That is so funny that you say that because I have a song out called “Goodbye Tetris Blitz”. It’s about the end of a cell phone game I loved that went away because EA games only had a 10-year license.  I used to only play piano or guitar and sing. Sometimes I would jam with people and add in a couple other instruments. When I was making this song and my last one I put out- Anxiety- I was throwing in the instruments one would expect, a guitar, a drum set, an electric bass, etc. Then I was listening to the in the works’ version of my song one day and was thinking, I don’t like this. I wouldn’t listen to it. Then I went back into the studio and had my producer make electronic drums and bass and everything and starting making all the other keyboard parts. It was such a magical moment when that happened. I loved it. I had found my sound. 

3. Reading your bio and your journey with music was really inspiring. A lot of your music seems rooted in your personal experiences, especially your previous single anxiety.  How do you use music to navigate through these experiences?
I heal through my songs a lot of the time. They help me make sense of the world and my emotions.

4. Your musical style, especially your concert, was rooted in a multimedia performance. What is the thought process behind that? How do you conceptualize it?
I started out having different outfits for my songs, then I made background videos, then I added props, then dance, then recorded audio. It just keeps building. My last one I had actors and a wrote a script. I sit there and write and rewrite the layout of the show. I’m trying to find a way to tie the songs together and explain what they are about without flat-out explaining what they are about. I want people to get to know me and my songs in an interesting way.

5. Who are your biggest musical influences?
The Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour had a huge influence on me and my performances. He did monologues between his songs that tied them together. It was marinating in the back of my mind for years. I love Trina. She’s hilarious and so clever. Growing up I liked pop music like En Vogue, Madonna, and Ace of Base. Once I got into middle school, I got very into Tori Amos.

6. You just released a single. What do you see for yourself in the future, musically speaking?

I want to be writing a new show every year and a half and performing it a few times a year, release 4-6 singles a year with videos, grow my Patreon subscribers, and get some sync licensing. 

Well, one thing is for sure, Abby London is here to keep you excited and surprised. There’s a cute little rap verse at the bridge of the song that really sets “Bushes” apart. A lot of musicians and artists usually find their style or niche after years of experimentation. While Abby London has been dabbling in music all her life, I think she has found what she wants to do with her music and doesn’t fail to deliver. Her self-produced concert in November 2018, was a combination of costumes, props, baton, piano, guitar, prerecorded music, and multimedia. This is exactly the eclectic and pizzazz-filled style we see in “Bushes” too. I look forward to seeing what Abby London has to offer.

“Bushes” by Abby London is a nostalgic, fun pop song that you should definitely not miss out on!

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