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Mountain Mansion - Fog Walker of Copton Ridge
Mountain Mansion - Fog Walker of Copton Ridge

Mountain Mansion – Fog Walker of Copton Ridge | Narrative

Picture this: You’re on a hike, and you are just getting to the top of the trail. You reach the top and marvel at the wonders of nature. There’s something about feeling like you’ve conquered the world, but also like you’re tiny and insignificant compared to the vast mountains that surround you.
Calgary based multi-instrumentalist Shane Turner composes dreamy indie folk music inspired by his job as a Lookout on the Boreal Forest fire towers and Rocky Mountain summits. Written and produced based on his experiences in the remote Canadian wilderness, Mountain Mansion brings you his newest single,” Fog Walker of Copton Ridge.”   The newest single is yet another beautiful, folk creation that takes you through his adventures.

Fog Walker of Copton Ridge is about a hiker who comes over to a mysterious lookout. The perfect camping song, there is something poignant about the song. Whether it’s the instrumentals or the vocals, everything seems intentionally and delicately made. The atmosphere of the song is beautiful and really takes you through the journey of finding the Fog Walker. The song begins with the sounds of the folksy acoustic guitar and soothing harmonies. While the acoustic guitar sets a percussive tempo to the song, the lead guitar and the backing instruments really compliment the melody. Shane Turner crafts all his music with care, and you can definitely feel it. The music transports you to the Canadian mountains, no matter what corner of the world you are listening from. The song and the story remind me of Iron Maiden’s Dance of Death without the rock part, of course!

Mountain Mansion is an artist and knows exactly how to deliver you the feeling of being connected spiritually with nature. This song is 2 minutes of indie-folk filled goodness and is definitely a must-listen!

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