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Moonstalker ft Alycia Kae - Dreamwalker
Moonstalker ft Alycia Kae - Dreamwalker

Moonstalker – Dreamwalker | Electro-pop

Moonstalker brings you her second single of 2021 “Dreamwalker.” The song is an eclectic electro-pop mix that will fascinate you. The song is also a debut feature for musician Alycia Kae.
Moonstalker is described as a darker pop creature from the mind of producer and songwriter Alissa Oberst. She mentions that she loves collecting/recording sounds and pressing buttons. Like her previous single, Press Play, Dreamwalker too has a playful feel to it.

This song begins with a sort of eerie but spirited music box sound that immediately catches your attention. While the vocals are have a seductive edge to them, the real highlight of the song is the way the harmonies and hums of both Moonstalker and Alysia Kae, compliment the music.
Oberst is really interested in anime and video games. These influences are definitely played out in her music. Dreamwalker has a range of emotions and feels introspective in nature, with the high-spirited touch of digital sounds.

The has converted a range of cozy, nocturnal feelings about a fast-paced life into an impressive electronic sound design. The song lets you explore the emotions of escaping, dreaming and forgetting. Dreamwalker is definitely a quirky combination of bedroom and dream pop. Something about the focus on quirky button and game sounds reminds me of Owl City.

Moonstalker definitely manifests the feeling of being surrounded by new-age technology into the duration of Dreamwalker. Next time you’re pulling an all-nighter, Dreamwalker will give you just the right motivation for it.

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