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Kill My Coquette - Miss Malicious
Kill My Coquette - Miss Malicious

Kill My Coquette – Miss Malicious | Rock and Roll

The Los Angeles based band Kill My Coquette has set an example with their new 2021 single Miss Malicious which is a perfect blend of pop and rock and roll sounds working together in unison.

The track kicks off with an explosive introduction bringing to light the meticulous production that allows the listener to explore the different notes of the instruments such as the sped-up-dentist electric guitar, the accentuating effect of the drums and the intonations of the pummelling bass that is accompanied by the powerful vocals of the lead singer Natalie Denise Sperl.

The new track can be described as a masterpiece of compact brevity deprived of excess keeping the listener’s ears upright. It has been constructed of rhythms of an exhilarating intensity that the aforementioned domain of music has not experienced in a long time. The lyrics are so compressed that there is no room for a dramatically irrelevant guitar solo. The artistic force with which their ideas are expressed makes their music fascinating making room for people to rise above aesthetic prejudices. Kill My Coquette has similarities with bands such as The Ramones and The Runaways.

We reached out to Kill My Coquette for their inputs on the track, their music and the future. Here is how that went:

Congratulations on your latest track! How would you describe Kill My Coquette to someone getting into your discography fresh? 

Thank you! I’d say Kill My Coquette uses Riot Grrrl melodies with rock n roll riffs. A tempting Cocktail with a dash of dirty pop and a shot of pretty punk. Shaken. 

How would you say Kill My Coquette has evolved musically since the release of your self-titled EP, especially with more recent tracks like ‘L.A’s Gonna Tear You Apart’ and ‘Miss Malicious’?

The debut EP was my first shot at making music. I taught myself basic rhythm guitar and wrote some songs from notebooks filled with my musings. I wrote everything. Every lyric, every chord progression. Since adding Adam Smith to the band it’s more collaborative. Mike Evans (Bass) rounds out the bottom end. The sounds will always change when there’s fresh blood writing them. 

Girl power? Teenage angst? Rebellion against the establishment? Romantic revenge? How would you describe the thematic inclinations of ‘Miss Malicious’? 

Actually Miss Malicious IS the establishment. She’s a police officer, but a bad one you could say.


There’s definitely girl power over every song I write. I could have just picked pottery but I chose fronting a rock band for that exact reason: girls can do anything. More power to them.

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences, and how do they trickle down into your own creative processes? 

I geek out on Courtney Love, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Blondie, Royal Blood, Brody Dalle, The Runaways, too many to list! 

In a musical scene that seems dominated by mostly watered down pop music, how would you rate the chances that the newer generations turn towards the pop-punk revival/pop-rock genres in the coming years?

Adam Smith (guitar) “The newer generations have already started turning towards pop punk and rock genres. The last few months have seen some really popular music from Machine Gun Kelly, Willow, Youngblood and Olivia Rodrigo. Maybe you could consider some of it water down but there are some really great tracks in there as well. Even Miley Cyrus put out a rock album last year. Who knows how big it will be or how long it will last but I genre is hitting a new wave.”

Natalie “I’d say a 50/50 shot of a Rock N Roll revival. They say it never dies, maybe it’s just taking a nap? Let’s hope it wakes up soon, louder and stronger than ever before.”

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