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Don Malin – Wake Up | Infectious

British singer-songwriter Don Malin updated his discography with a new release called “Wake Up”. With this new release, he’s transitioned from acoustic folk to Santana-inspired pop, which may surprise those familiar with his music. “Wake Up” is a dynamic and upbeat summer song featuring playful vocals, infectious melodies, and much more!

Malin starts by humming a catchy hook line over a cool guitar progression that’s reminiscent of the 1999 hit, Smooth. From the drums and the funky synth bass, there’s a definite Latin vibe that ties into the dynamic arrangement of “Wake Up”. “It’s time to be an adult, start paying the bills..” –Malin’s lyrics here emphasize a need to grow up and leave behind childish behavior when surviving in the real world. He sings in a joyful manner and gets his point across without a sweat.

Though I feel the track could have been slightly better, Malin has made up for it by using fun instruments and smooth vocal harmonies. Additionally, the fusion of synths with what sounds like a processed resonator guitar is quite unique and apt for this track. The way Dom Malin has merged modern sounds and electronic drums that have rhythmic similar to Afro-Cuban beats is highly admirable.

Malin’s talent for stirring emotion through his composition style and songwriting is what makes his sound special. From heartfelt folk songs and Damien Rice covers to groovy and energetic Latin numbers, Malin has given his listeners an idea of how versatile he can be with “Wake Up”.

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