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Arin – Obvious | Refreshing

London-based singer-songwriter recently released a pop-EDM track called “Obvious”. In this song, Arin has put his own spin on the genre, creating a track that can be enjoyed at a beach, at a club or anywhere really! 

“Obvious” starts with a bunch of claps and snaps that create an interesting rhythm over which Arin sings intimate lyrics. Vocal chops, a slow rising synth, and minimal electronic percussions fill up the soundstage of the track that isn’t too cluttered and allows the vocals to shine through quite well. The line “maybe I’m downright stupid, maybe I’ve lost my mind..” introduces the chorus of “Obvious” over a slightly unpredictable kick drum pattern that has an impeccable tone.

Arin has chosen instruments and sounds that compliment each other very well creating a slightly bouncy beat that’s both chill and danceable. It appears that he is singing to his partner about how obvious their excuses are and now feels confident in confronting them, though that could just be me. The infectious melody of the chorus sticks throughout the track till the bridge section where Arin changes things up a bit. Auto-tuned vocals with some extra effects fit well with the mellow EP performance, making for a softer dynamic before the energetic outro section where all the elements fuse together in harmony.

Arin has been making a name for himself in the industry for a while now and has credits on numerous songs as a writer. He started releasing his original music only recently; “Obvious” is his third release this year. His tracks are mostly love-songs in a heart-throbbing pop structure that’s both optimistic and enticing.

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