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Tyler Conroy - did you get better?
Tyler Conroy - did you get better?

Tyler Conroy – did you get better? | Lovesick

American singer-songwriter and music producer turned author Tyler Conroy is growing to become one of the leading beacons in the lost genre of pure acoustic folk songwriting.

Conroy returns to his discography after the release of some of his earlier singles like unable and band camino with his latest number did you get better? From the get go, the music of Tyler Conroy is remarkable as it is able to communicate what it is and what it represents, instead of the otherwise contemporary fiddling around an arrangement with a few instances of glory.

His latest track seems to be birthed by some of the most celebrated elements of the conventional styles of indie pop/folk pop/acoustic folk songwriting genres, made even better with Tyler’s semi-baritoned charming and chivalrous vocal performances. Thematically, the track is a breakup track laden with the necessary twangs of separation and lovesickness — represented through the balladic lyricism that communicate with a variety of emotions in the listener’s mind. If one is looking for a performer that falls in the intersection between Taylor Swift and the essential Ed Sheeran, Tyler Conroy is an adequate representation of that caricature. 

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