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SA’RA CHARISMATA – Life Is Not About Control | Optimistic

Swedish-Eritrean singer-songwriter Sara Haile, aka Sa’ra Charismata, has recently released a song called “Life Is Not About Control” that has an 80s pop feel to it. She started releasing original music in 2014, and her tracks cover issues such as mental health, racism, and gender inequality. “Life Is Not About Control” represents her experience in dealing with anxiety and she wants to share a message of hope and determination through this song.

Starting with a submerged drumbeat and a delayed synth, the track transitions into an exciting first verse where you can hear Charismata’s charismatic vocals. A simple kick+snare pattern sets a tight groove for the track. In the middle of the stereo field occupied by atmospheric synths and arpeggiated plucks, the drum pattern stands out quite nicely because of its simplicity. In the chorus, Charismata sounds a bit like Stevie Nicks because of her tone and vocal delivery here. She sings from a very positive view point and that’s what makes the song easy to listen to.

In this Swedish EDM-inspired record, Charismata has confidently spoken about overcoming life’s challenges with a smile on her face, owing to her past experiences. “Life Is Not About Control” is primarily a protest pop song that’s powerful and for some people very relatable. She reaches listeners all over the world thanks to her diverse background and unique music. I’m eager to hear what she has in store for us in her next release!

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