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Rachel Lynn – When You Fall In | Heartfelt

New York-based singer-songwriter Rachel Lynn’s latest release is a heartfelt track called “When You Fall In”. Inspired by the likes of Third Eye Blind and Luna, Lynn’s distinct sound emerges as a traditional r&b track with a touch of neo-soul.

Soft drums, an electric guitar riff, and some interesting textures start off the song. A melancholy piano plays along with the guitar, providing a gentle backdrop to our journey through the soundscape. Lynn’s slightly introspective lyrics in the opening lines of the track give us an idea of the place she is singing from – “Listen to the night, listen to the day, what does it have to say?..”. The melodic, emotive and soothing quality of her voice is similar to that of Alicia Keys here.

Mellow strings and a warm bass ornament the instrumental transitions that are paired with the intro beat. The piano fillers provide a lot of tension and release in the song, although they aren’t too dramatic or overwhelming – apt for a track like this. Lynn’s lyrics seem to be a reflection of her experience with lost love and what she’s learned from it. The song also has a strong bridge section featuring her playful vocal runs that are a joy to listen to!

Rachel Lynn has released 11 studio singles since 2012 and her transition from unplugged acoustic compositions to a more modern and inspiring sound can be heard in her work. At its core, “When You Fall In” is a soulful love song, and I’m eager to hear more of Lynn’s wonderful tunes in the future!

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