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M-Rock Emrik-Tenderness
M-Rock Emrik-Tenderness
M-Rock Emrik-Tenderness

M-Rock Emrik-Tenderness-Opolopo Remix | Funk-ish

That keyword was put there just to misguide you. M-Rock Emrik isn’t funk-ish, he’s the definition of funk revival. Bringing in the grooves from Parliament and Funkadelic, he wants you to get the funk out right now. The track is called Tenderness, but seems like anything but that.

Using the staple funky bassline contructed from the pure will to dance till your feet give out, M-Rock Emrik does the needful. His song is derivative, but rightfully so-after the footprint that Parliament-Funkadelic made. The groove swings from The Commodores to the signature sound and style placing you somewhere between the space of funky dance to groove. I could barely keep my head from nodding while writing this.

Tenderness just wants you to be kind, like all funk wanted you to. Forget your problems, stop making a big deal of things and just enjoy the moment. Even when that moment might be 5 and a half minutes of gripping dance music. The kind of music you need to be a good dancer to dance to. Almost feels like a song pulled out from the past. The bassline has enough alterations to stick to the song, yet attempt to broaden the spectrum. Listen to Method Funk as well, if you want to keep the bop going.

Listen to M-Rock Emrik pumping us the funk up:

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